This weekend was quiteeeee the adventure and a darned good one at that. The beau took me to get a massage Saturday afternoon (first. time. EVER. And officially addicted) followed by an evening of tapas (also Karen + Sangria = a giddy, good time) at La Bodega.

Just telling my family our evening plans turned into a little adventure on its own:
"We're going to get tapas, byeee!"
"You're going to get topless?! Ohh, Karen."
"Yes mom, we're going to get topless. No! Tah-pahs."

She's a keeper, that one. Yeesh.

Sunday was spent at home with the whole family over for a late lunch as my Aunt and Uncle from Virginia were in town.

The day consisted of:
eating jambalaya,
meeting Grandma's new boyfriend, Wayne,
Grandma and Wayne sneaking out to "smoke cigarettes" ie. have makeout sessions on the porch,
tales of eating 2 lbs. of Andes mints and the aftermath of such decisions,
mom almost catching herself on fire by candle flame,
and it turns out we won the lottery (and used our winnings to buy ice cream)

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