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Design Soda

It's much cooler, I swear.

Its that special time of year

Tis the season for melting chapstick in my car repeatedly. You'd think I would learn but alas, no.
Anyway here's a little poster eye candy - good ol' Swiss modernism.
I think I'm in love.
Those colors and simplicity in shapes just go together well. Like peas in a pod.

tim walker

Give Tim Walker a camera and some random props and the man will give you something striking.
Mind. Blown.

Spring in a photograph

In love with these photographs.
Who knew something so simple could be so beautiful?
Feels like spring *wink

Norwegian shop

Found this great Norwegian shop using Pinterest. I love the contemporary patterning of all the bedding + linens. Even better to find some great colors being used together too.
These products can be found at the Funkleshop & they ship worldwide. So I think I know what I'll be shopping for before I get my apartment!

Petrified wood magnets

Pretty sure I am in love with these. Aren't they beautiful?

I surprise myself

I'm never sure how I manage to fit so many awkward moments all in one day...

My new do

Got my hair cut this length and I am now perfecting the art of the messy crazy windblown-looking yet polished and refined beach look. Whichever Olsen this is seems to really have it down. I feel that I have this look down kinda-sorta but then again I thought the same thing about some of my fashion choices circa 2004 that I look at now and go "yikes!" with. So you just never really know with me.
As for the rest of today, I am off to school to learn the rules of design per usual. I sat on the S.I.P. (screened in porch) doing "work" all morning which translates to a whole lotta cat nappin' and whole lot of basking in the sunshine while the breeze blows my papers all over the porch completely unnoticed by me. Thank goodness it's screened. And for the sake of feeling productive, I did throw a couple things on "Karen's To-Do List of the Day" that I had actually already done just so I could scratched them off. So now I am feeling pretty darn accomplished. 


A fun little DIY tutorial right over here.


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