I'm Karen D
...welcome to my blog!

I am a student that lives and works in Kansas City, Mo. 
I study (+ eat + dream + live for) graphic design and studio art.
I also have slight (ok, ok..major) obsession with fashion & style and am constantly getting my little hands into local bargain bins all over the city.

I use this blog to keep a record of my day-to-day adventures as well as the things I find beautiful and inspiring.

I'm a cheery little gal who is what you could call...perennially happy.
Good or challenging, I enjoy all the experiences & opportunities life has to offer me.

I believe in living life with a positive & hopeful attitude 
and big cheesy smile on my face.

Top Current Goals:
Get an internship at a web design company
Graduate college
Run the 5K Color Run
Make straight A's this semester
Travel to Europe & Asia next year

Got a question?
Shoot me an email!