flea market style

When i think of the perfect studio & home space, this is what I think of. I love flea market style lofts. There's something about all these thrifty elements that just make a space charming. The eclectic feel in a way kind of takes me back to the summers I spent as a wee little K running around my grandma & grandpa's house. Their style was 'a little of this, a little of that' and had no rhyme nor reason. So many unique pieces of furniture and artwork filled their home. 

What little kid even notices that kind of stuff? 
Anyway these are Emily Chalmers interiors and by golly, she's good.
That curtain made of scarves is prettttttty great too.

On another note, yesterday I officially started my training for the Kansas City Color Run. I turn 25 in June, four days before this run. Oh. my. god. I am getting realllly old. But what better way to jump start my 25th year of life than with a healthy lifestyle & running in KC humid heat & being covered in sweat yet totally feeling empowered & powdered rainbow paint being thrown everywhere? You just can't not have fun with rainbow paint all over the place. It will be like running in a dream world. I think it's pretty clear that whoever planned this event meant for it to be here on my birthday. Like all of Kansas City will be celebrating, or at least that's what I'll be telling myself to keep pushing on until the finish line.