...very, very fun.
I hung out with my dear friend Lauren, who is like family to me. We went rambling through the streets of KC tearin' it up like old times. There was a LOT of giggling and a LOT of girl talk.

The night consisted of:
bottomless waffle fries
mad, crazy curses at 'Bo Lings & 54th Street Carry Out parking only' signs
wearing our scarves on our heads like the old ladies do
seeing the Batman logo in the sky
talk of, ahem, the subjects of my figure drawing class
new friends & fake waiter fiances
old ladies in bathtubs on the front lawn
peekaboo moments with t-shirt holes
trying to find that rap music on the radio
the "love" we have & hate
andddddd remembering how much crazy stuff we have done together in our 7 years as friends

Pretty good.

That girl is off to NYC for the weekend. I made her swear to bring me back a Statue of Liberty keychain that flames and some fake street Prada.

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