I spent the weekend working on graphic design homework & finding inspiration for that homework;
enjoyed flipping through The Selby book and looking at all the different quirky interiors,
found a little neon bunny from one of my favorite blogs,
and went to see a movie with some good friends.
oh! and i rearranged my cozy little nook. My bed is now right by a window, and I swear when i woke up this morning I saw little buds on the tree out front. Whattt?!?!

Last night I got to spend w. my guy watchin' movies & cuddlin'. He's good to have around for that last thing...As he is especially talented when it comes to cuddling skills.

And as for this morning, well, this morning started off right with a giant bowl of fruit + french vanilla black tea. That's a good start for a Monday morning if I do say so myself.

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