I'm ready for a dazzling new year.

This year I will:

Spend more time on a beach.
Work harder, but play more too
I will indulge
I will say stop saying yes when I really want to say no.
I will worry not about the opinions others have of me
but rather care about the opinions of those closest to me.
I will create more
I will learn more
I will strive for better health
I will laugh more & harder
I will savor the sweet moments of life.
I will go on picnics,
read a billion books.
take more photos.
Drink more smoothies galore.
Find delightful dresses in small-town top shops.
Relax in parks and cafes.
Discover new music (DUH)
bake a cake.
Wear flowers in my hair.
Drink at a winery.
Tell ghost stories or play truth or dare in a blanket fort.
Make new animal friends.
Plan overseas adventures.
Turn somersaults in the ocean.
& go camping.
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